School Song

Seek the Truth

Seek the truth, in everything you do.
Walk with God, as students who are true
McAuley grown, on a shoreline by the sea.
Seek the truth, be whatever you want to be.

There’s no need to feel alone
You’ve someone by your side.
The love of God is in our smile,
Just use us as your guide. (one, two, three)

Yes…Seek the truth,...

The lessons that we learnt today
Are more precious than we know.
The way we treat, the ones we meet
Reveals how much we’ve grown. (one, two, three)

So…Seek the truth,...

The road ahead is sometimes hard,
With pitfalls on the way.

But as you grow, remember well,
The words we sing today,
One... Two... Three...

Seek the truth,...