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Parent and Friends

The School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a forum that consults, listens to and seeks feedback from the local school and parish communities so that these communities work together to achieve common goals. The SAC is composed of a number of parent representatives as well as the Parish Priest, the Principal and the Assistant Principal. The SAC meets about five times a year, to supports the Principal in the implementation of the Strategic Improvement Plan, to meet the SACS Board’s requirements in relation to enrolments and finance and to make recommendations to the Principal. The Council is a very proactive group that works closely with the school and parish to make our Mcauley community a positive environment for all our children.​​

The Parents & Friends

The P & F Association at McAuley is known for its wonderful community spirit, a spirit which is nurtured by the parent community. It is a committee that is very welcoming to new parents, students and staff.

This Association recognises and values the role that parents play in the education of their children. We aim to strengthen the educational partnership between school, home and parish by:-
  • providing a means of gathering socially for all associated with the school and to promote and foster a co-operative, supportive spirit among parents, teachers and students.
  • raising funds for the provision of material support for the school
  • providing a forum for parents to raise and discuss issues related to the spiritual, social and academic development of their children
  • providing opportunities for informing parents of current developments in education generally and Catholic education in particular.
  • providing a link for all those involved in the school community
Class Parents
  • —Organises some social class get togethers for children and parents.

  • —Coordinate, organise and be responsible for one community calendar event throughout the year.

  • ——Assist Social Committee for major fund raiser throughout the year.

  • —Support McAuley Parents and Friends functions and school events.

  • Attend P & F Committee Meetings one per term