McAuley offers a comprehensive curriculum which is child-centred, aiming to meet the varied needs of our students. The school provides many opportunities for students to achieve their learning potential with the support of specialist teachers for Music, Art, Sport and Italian, a Reading Recovery teacher, as well as a range of extra-curricular activities designed to challenge students. Teachers work collaboratively across stages to plan and develop programs integrating a variety of these Key Learning Areas (KLAs) in order to maximise learning time and make effective learning links. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral component of the teaching and learning programs across all KLAs. We strive to develop the whole child by encouraging their strengths and developing their skills, to ensure they will become life-long learners.

Sydney Catholic primary schools are required to have an educational program based on, and taught in accordance with, the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus for each of the six KLAs of primary education:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts

ICT is an integral component of the teaching and learning programs across all KLAs.

Religious Education

As we are a Catholic school we teach Religious Education and follow the Sydney Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum.

At McAuley, we believe that Christian values are central to the life of the school and permeate all aspects of the curriculum. We offer a Religious Education program using the student textbook 'To Know Worship and Love,' which ensures that the students are the core and focus of our mission.

Sacramental Program

Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 2), Eucharist (Year 3) and Confirmation (Year 6) is seen as the primary responsibility of parents. The parish and school support this preparation.


We have an ongoing commitment to high quality literacy teaching and learning which will assist the students in becoming competent when using language in a range of situations. Teachers work at developing programs that develop the skills needed to listen and communicate effectively in a variety of situations, to read widely, confidently and with understanding and enjoyment, to use correct grammar in a variety of text types, to spell correctly, to understand the function of language, and to critically evaluate literature.


Children at McAuley are actively involved in discovering and learning Mathematics in a stimulating and challenging environment. Our hands-on and open-ended approach caters for all ability levels. This includes learning the basics of number, space and measurement and the skills of calculating, problem solving, reasoning, predicting and verifying.

Science and Technology

Students gain knowledge and understanding of natural and modified environments and the human interaction with them. Through the Scientific Investigation Process students develop the skills of enquiry, investigation, designing and problem solving. Students are encouraged to explore their environment by using their senses, and by questioning and sharing ideas at school and home. All Science units are linked to outcomes and are integrated with the other KLAs when possible.

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

This KLA develops investigation, communication and social skills. The students will gain knowledge and understanding of the history and geography of Australia and its social foundations. The HSIE program ensures that the students have many varied learning experiences, with a focus on developing inquiry skills. They will explore other countries, cultures, languages, beliefs and values and find relevance with their world.

Creative and Practical Arts

This KLA promotes technical competence and skills of designing and performing. Appreciation and self-expression in the visual and practical arts are nurtured through Music, Drama and Art.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Teachers have developed this program through range of effective resources, to best cater for the needs of the students. These KLAs includes:

Personal Development and Health, which promotes the development of interpersonal skills; relationships, positive values, attitudes and beliefs are fostered. Protective behaviours and other safety issues are taught. Having an active, healthy lifestyle and an understanding of nutrition, diet, and personal health choices are addressed.

Physical Education, which promotes the development of a variety of skills through a number of sports and physical activities.