About Us

McAuley Catholic Primary School was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1967. Today we still maintain a close association with the Mercy Sisters through our motto 'Seek the Truth' which encourages the charism, culture and values of the Mercy Order: Mercy, Compassion, Justice, Service and Excellence.

At McAuley our mission, Mercy tradition and values are truly embedded into our culture. The children are aware of the history and story of our founder Catherine McAuley. They know and understand the call and mission of the Mercy Sisters in contemporary society. Much of this has come about through the annual celebration of McAuley Day and our partnership with the Sisters of Mercy. This history and heritage to be 'Mercy People' is very important to our school and for our students. Our school song and motto 'Seek the Truth' are evident in everything we do, our children are McAuley grown, our community and culture is proud and strong.

McAuley is a one-stream school that caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. There are 165 children currently enrolled in the school.

At McAuley we are committed to developing an authentic Catholic school in which Jesus Christ is central to the lives of our children, parents and teachers. As a Catholic community we foster the Gospel values of love, care, respect and justice so that they are integral to all aspects of school life.

The staff at McAuley are committed and dedicated. Teamwork ensures that our children are provided with high quality teaching and learning programs. The programs we provide are innovative, and current with contemporary trends in education. We provide exciting classroom learning, and positive relationships flourish in our school. At McAuley we pride ourselves on our small school where individuals are known well by the teachers and the community alike, and where each child is valued for themselves and their particular gifts and talents. We provide a unique, nurturing, safe and welcoming environment for children and families who are part of our community.