Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Marion Catholic Primary School, serving the community of Horsley Park.

Our school emblem represents Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary – the woman who pondered all things in her heart, a woman who took the real everyday experiences of her life and through reflection, gradually grew to understand the action of God in her life. We encourage the children through prayer and ritual to find comfort in Mary’s fidelity, her suffering and the joy and peace she found in the Resurrection. Mary is the one who said “My soul magnifies the Lord”. This is the purpose of our ministry as Catholic educators.

A shared vision for learning has been implemented into our school. Our motto is 'Sowing Seeds for Success and Growing Through Mary’s Love'. Each child is supported as an individual learner and is encouraged to see learning as a life long experience. We work hard with students to develop their resilience and build strong relationships with each other, with their teachers and with the wider community.

We value learning that is:

  • Differentiated – where varied learning experiences cater for the needs of the whole learner;
  • Collaborative – where staff, parents, students and parish work together as a united body to support the education of every child;
  • Futuristic – where students are prepared for success in the world in which they live;
  • Adventurous – where providing a challenging curriculum enables students to take risks and experience new opportunities.

Marion Catholic Primary is a wonderfully caring community where the gospel values of love, justice and compassion are lived out everyday.


Therese Gaunt