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Pastoral care is not thought of in separate terms from teaching and learning. It is exemplified by:

  • quality teaching and learning
  • good discipline
  • high expectations of student performance
  • teachers caring for students at the human level.

Because we believe that authentic Catholic schools are committed to the development of the whole person, a loving, caring and secure environment is provided for all children.

We recognise the individuality of each student and seek to foster dignity, self-esteem and the integrity of each person.

Pastoral care programs help students recognise their responsibilities of self-discipline so that students grow in their capacity to exercise moral judgment, democratic values and a concern for the common good. 

We believe that relationships of trust, co-operation and partnership between school personnel and families are of fundamental importance.

Corporal punishment is expressly prohibited in the school. CEO Sydney does not sanction administration of corporal punishment by non-school persons, including parents, to enforce discipline in the school.

Merit System

Marion Catholic Primary School implements and maintain a range of practices that promote, acknowledge and reinforce student achievement. These will be in the form of assembly awards.

Assembly Awards

When a child has received 10 awards, they are presented at assembly with a Principal’s Award.

It is the responsibility of the child and parent to save their awards and when a total of 10 is achieved, present them to their teacher. The Principal will sign and date each and a Principal’s Award will be presented to the student at a school assembly.

The accumulation of three Principal’s awards will lead to the presentation to the student of a Marion Medal at an assembly.

Curriculum Skill Development: Assembly awards may be given for skills achievements in handwriting, counting, listening, and participating effectively in class discussion. Other skill achievements will be at the discretion of the teacher.

General Positive Behaviours: Assembly awards may be given for positive behaviours such as following class rules, lining up, moving between classes quietly, beginning tasks promptly, positive group discussion, working independently, treating others with respect, following class/school rules and completing tasks to the best students' ability. Other behaviour achievements will be at the discretion of the teacher.

Assembly Award System

  • 10 Awards = 1 Principal’s Award
  • 3 Principal’s Awards = 1 Marion Medal

The aim is for Kindergarten children to reach this award by Year Six.

School Awards

Other school awards are presented at school assembly.

These include:

  • Uniform Award
  • Peace Award
  • Certificate Of Achievement to be presented in recognition of a task such as a writing task, reading, mathematics, assignment, art work, music or other curriculum KLA.