For Parents

Marion Catholic Primary School encourages and actively supports a positive, supportive partnership between home and school. The involvement of parents within the school is highly valued.

Parents assist in varying ways within the classroom, depending on the needs of the class; however, these could include activities such as reading, Mathematics groups, Computer Technology, Art and Craft activities as well as other group work. We also encourage parents to help in our school library, and in covering books.

Prior to participating in a classroom program, interested parents will participate in a training program that aims to enhance confidence by equipping them with the skills necessary to be an effective classroom helper.

An essential requirement for any prospective classroom parent helper is confidentiality – that is, the ability to interact with children in their learning environment and not to discuss with anyone, except the class teacher, if appropriate, aspects of any child’s performance. Confidentiality is vital in protecting the developing self-esteem of each child.

School Hours

  • 9:00 - School Commences
  • 11:00-11:50am - Lunch
  • 1:50-2:05pm - Fruit Break
  • 3:05pm - School Concludes


The main form of communication used between Marion School and Parents is the School Enews App.
See the link below for instructions on how to install School Enews to your phone or tablet.
A fortnightly Newsletter is uploaded to the App, the Marion School Website and is also emailed to parents who have provided us with an email address for communication.


The "Lunch Box" is open Monday, Thursday and Friday and is staffed by volunteers. Volunteers for the roster are always welcome.