Vision and Mission

Our School Vision

Marion Catholic Primary School is characterised by:

  • Supporting the individual learner
  • Embracing community
  • Extending our views of the world
  • Developing resilience.

At Marion Catholic Primary School, learning is:

  • Differentiated – Varied learning experiences cater to the needs and abilities of the whole learner
  • Collaborative – Staff, parents, students and the Parish work together as a united body to support educational experiences 
  • Futuristic – Prepare students for success in the world in which they live
  • Adventurous – A challenging curriculum which encourages students to take risks and experience new opportunities

Our School Mission

With Jesus and Mary as our model, we are committed to teaching the children by challenging and encouraging them to reach their true potential.

We make every effort to achieve this through working in partnership with parents, parish and the wider community.

We are committed to our school motto:

Sowing Seeds for Success and Growing through Mary’s Love