About Us

Welcome to Marion Catholic Primary School.

Marion Catholic Primary has a comprehensive program committed to Christian values and excellence in education. Building on past achievements, Marion confidently prepares today's child to meet the demands of tomorrow's world. At Marion, we are proudly committed to the teaching of Christian values, to a real concern for the individual and to the welfare  of every individual and to providing an ordered yet stimulating environment which brings out the best in every child.

Personal Relationships: Our school encourages effective personal relationships. There is a strong sense of identification and belonging, allowing for easy acceptance of new ideas which creates a closer working relationship between children, parents, carers, teachers and clergy.

Students: The students have a high morale as the school is student-focused. There are fewer students competing for leadership positions, therefore there are more opportunities for leadership roles. Our students develop leadership skills and often every student must participate in a project in order to make it a success. We have pride in our community, and each student has a sense of belonging. In a small school, there are many opportunities to represent the school in extra curricular activities eg, sport, musical performances etc. Students have a positive attitude toward school and discipline problems are rare. Students interact formally and informally with school staff and develop healthy relationships with their teachers and with each other.

Curriculum and Instruction: There is a strong emphasis placed on individualised and small group instruction at Marion and it is learner-centred. There is potential for student self-identity and participation, enhancing the opportunity for students to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Sowing Seeds for Success

Supporting the Individual learner
Embracing community
Extending our views of the world
Developing resilience