Set Your Goal

Examples of Goals

Religion    English Mathematics Personal
To have a better understanding of the New Testament.
To be more like Mary MacKillop. 
To know the parts of the mass.
To respond more during liturgy.

To improve my reading ability.
To write better factual texts.
To consistently have neat handwriting.

To know my multiplication facts to 10. 
To use a variety of problem solving strategies. 
To improve my understanding of fractions and decimals. 
To review and reflect on my answers before handing in my work. 
To be more attentive in class.
To be more creative when presenting my ideas.
To be more confident speaking in front of others. 
To be more prepared for my homework and assignments. 

Examples of Strategies

 Religion English  Mathematics  Personal
 To respond more during liturgy.
1. Regularly go to mass on Sunday
2. Take my Roman Missal to mass
To improve my reading ability
1. Ensure that I read every night for a least 10 mins
2. Visualise when I am reading
3. Connect what I already know to the book or text every time I read.
To review and reflect on my answers before handing in my work. 
1. Learn and regularly use at least 3 different reflection strategies.
2. Ensure that I check my answers to see if they make sense. 
3. Keep a math journal about my learning.
To ask questions to seek understanding
1. Ask at least five questions a day
2. Clarify with a peer
3. Listen attentively 

Reflection Prompts
You may like to use a few of these prompts to help you reflect on how you are achieving your goal. Record your reflections as a video in Drive and upload to your page under your strategies in Week 5. 
This is important to me because.....
I can now....
I now know...
I am proud of..... 
I am surprised that.....
The best part of this is.....
I still need to improve....
I still wonder....
Now I plan to.....

Work Samples
Your work samples should reflect your progress. You may like to include a before and after copy to show how you have improved in a particular area, or a video of how you are achieving your goal. Your work sample will be unique to your specific goal. 

Technical Help
You will record your reflections as a video. In order to upload your video to this site it needs to be saved to your Google Drive. 
The video below shows you how to record directly in Google Drive.  

How to take a video in Google Drive