School Information

Daily Timetable

Learning Session 1: 8:45am -10:45am

Learning Session 2: 11:25am-1:25pm
Fruit Break: 1:25pm-2:05pm.
Learning Session 3:  2:05pm-3:05 pm
Dismissal: 3:05pm


Following consultation with teachers and parents, the school will adhere to the following procedure:

  • School gates open at 8.05am and close at 8.55am. Students arriving after this time will need to collect a Late Note from the Office.
  • Late Notes are to be placed on the teacher’s desk. Each Late Note is recorded as partial absence in the Class Roll.

It is expected that parents will support the school by ensuring that their children arrive at school prior to the bell.

School's great! Don't be late!

Supervision of Students

Please note that morning playground supervision begins at 8:15am. Afternoon playground supervision concludes at 3:30pm. Outside of these hours, students will not be supervised. After school, any student not collected immediately is supervised on Playground 3 until 3:25pm.

Before and after school care (7:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-6:00pm) is available on site. Phone the school office for further details.


Safety can be a major problem at times if parents double park, park on corners or ignore parking signs. A drop-off zone has been created in Proctor Parade for parents to pull in, pick up/drop off and pull away. The maximum stopping time is two minutes. This is a no parking zone before and after school. The driver must stay within three metres of the vehicle. Minimum penalty for infringement is $147 and two demerit points.

The car park is available at all times to parents but it can be very busy so you need to supervise your children in this area.

Please park your car safely, come to the playground and collect your child. Students are not to wait in the car park, foyer or in front of the church/school for collection.

There is a supervised late area (Playground 3) where students are to wait if they are not picked up from the classroom by 3.05pm. A teacher is on duty in this area until 3.25pm, at which time they are sent to the Office until they are picked up.