Student Programs

Learning Support Program

Students who are diagnosed as having 'special learning needs' are given extra support to assist in their learning. Student diagnosis is according to strict Federal Government Guidelines, usually requiring an IQ report from a psychologist.

A learning support teacher supports the classroom teacher in meeting the needs of the students and classroom support is also provided by trained learning support officers. These staff work with the class teachers in the preparation of special programs that assist the students to undertake work at a more appropriate level or to follow up classroom work.

The learning support teacher also works with the Sydney Catholic Schools staff, attends to system and government regulations/paperwork, arranges ongoing assessment/testing and is available to parents of students requiring learning support for advice and support.

English as an Additional Language / Dialect (EAL/D)

Students who come to school with English as and additional language or dialect may receive extra classroom support to assist in their learning to listen, speak, read and write in English. This support is available through government funding and comprises an EAL/D teacher who supports the classroom teachers.

Early Bird Reading Program

The Early Bird Reading Program is a volunteer program where students from infants are invited to come to the school library to read or be read to by senior students. 

Students are encouraged to bring their reading books and sight words lists and have a one-to-one reading experience with a mentor who listens and asks questions about the text. The benefits of the program include a significant increase in daily attendance. Teachers report a demonstrated love for reading, with students choosing reading when options are offered in the classrooms.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an intensive literacy program that caters for students in Year 1 who, for a variety of reasons, are not experiencing success at reading as would normally be expected. These students are given additional support to grasp the fundamentals of reading in an intensive, daily, one-on-one teaching program over a number of weeks, with daily support from home.