Parent Partnership - School and Home

It is hoped that parents will rarely find it necessary to make a complaint; but, if that occurs, the customary courtesies would need to be observed. Parents are reminded that the privacy of another child or family will never be compromised.


The following areas are some of the formal means by which parents and teachers communicate:

  • Interviews

    Opportunities for an interview will be available by arrangement with the class teacher. If parents require an interview with either the teachers or the Principal, they are requested to make contact with the school office staff/secretary who will arrange an appointment for a convenient time. Parents are asked to provide some general indication about the purpose of the meeting or reason for concern.

    Please note:

    • no teacher may hold an interview (formal or informal) during normal teaching hours (unless other arrangements are made for the supervision of the class).
    • no teacher may conduct an interview whilst on playground duty, before or after school or during the dismissal procedure.
    • No teacher may conduct an interview during a school assembly.
  • Newsletters

    A newsletter is emailed to families fortnightly. Please take the time to read the newsletter as it contains important information, messages, dates and reminders. 

  • School Website

    General information is available online at the school's website.

  • Reporting
  • Our reports aim to:
    • outline the student's overall development during the year in a comprehensive and informative way
    • focus on the individual student and his/her personal growth
    • view the student's development in the context of the total and integrated curriculum
    • meet all government requirements
  • Mid Year Report

    A written mid-year report will be sent home towards the end of Term 2 prior to your mid-year interview.

  • End of Year Report

    A written end of year Report will be sent home towards the end of Term 4.

  • Parent/teacher Interviews

    After the mid-year reports have been sent home, you will have the opportunity to have a formal interview with your child's teacher. The aim of this interview is to inform parents of their child's progress and to discuss any queries or worries that either the teacher or parent may have. It also gives the teacher an opportunity to obtain information from parents about their child.

  •  Grade Nights

    On Grade Nights the teachers have an opportunity to briefly outline for you what will be happening in your child's classroom for that year. The teachers also outline some expectations he/she has of the students, teaching methods, class organisation/timetable, use of exercise books, sport/PE, Library, and ways in which you can assist in your child's learning.