Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends (P&F) Association organises functions to enable parents to meet in a social atmosphere and raise funds for the purchase of equipment for use in the school. Funds raised are used to purchase such items as computers, software, audiovisual equipment, mathematics resources, science, music, sport equipment and books for the classroom or Library.

Your involvement in this organisation is encouraged. By becoming involved, you not only get the chance to meet and get to know other parents; you also become more informed about the running of the school and have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas on many topics. Meetings aim to be both informal and informative. The P&F meetings are held each term and are advertised in the School Newsletter.

Purpose of the P&F

  • Build a friendly and welcoming community which seeks to involve everyone
  • To strengthen the school/parish relationship
  • To provide a parental perspective to the Principal
  • To provide opportunities for parents/carers to gain insight into the life of the school
  • To provide a forum where matters relating to the education and development of students can be discussed productively
  • To raise funds for the development of the school's facilities and teaching resources
  • To promote a positive spirit of belonging and co-operation amongst the parents, friends, staff and the community as a whole.

How to Get Involved

  • Attend P&F Meetings
  • Attend school assemblies
  • Attend Masses and prayer celebrations
  • Attend parent workshops
  • Visit during Catholic Schools Week
  • Attend or volunteer for School Carnivals and other events
  • Assist in classroom activities
  • Attend class events
  • Let the P&F Committee know your ideas, thoughts and concerns
  • Help wrap gifts for the Mother's and Father's day stalls
  • Help at P&F fundraising events 
  • Attend community building events.

What a great way to meet other parents and parishioners!

"Many hands make light work"

To contact the P&F:

  • speak to a P&F Committee member in the playground
  • leave a message by phone or in person at the school office
  • leave a note in the P&F mailbox.

A Nut Restricted School

We are a nut restricted school. Please do not send nuts, nut based products or foods containing nuts to the school.

Our school has a number of students who suffer severe allergic reactions. This is called Anaphylaxis and can be life threatening. This medical condition does impact on the school and we endeavour to prevent anaphylactic reactions.


The canteen is open on Monday - Friday. At the beginning of the school year a list of items sold and a price list is supplied to each family at the beginning of the year.

We aim to make food as healthy as possible, so try to help us help your child by not supplying them with lollies, soft drinks etc.

Parent Help

Parent helpers are required to participate in a volunteer induction program before undertaking any volunteer work in classrooms. Once this has been completed, parents may be invited to join the students on an excursion to assist with supervision.

Parents assisting the teachers as volunteer workers for excursions must understand that:

  • parents will be given the responsibility for a group of children other than their own child's group. This is to encourage a measure of independence in the students and to maintain maximum vigilance in the supervision of the group
  • parents must commit to respect the privacy of all students on excursion and understand the need for confidentiality safety issues are a priority at all times during any excursion and the overall authority and responsibility of supervision remains with the teacher.