Our School

School Charism                                                                                        

This school community is characterised by a specific Oblate and Josephite spirit, charism and tradition. It is an important part of our history and follows basic features:

  • Devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus
  • A school climate based on the family spirit
  • A love of work
  • A strong sense of the presence of God and our own presence to each other
  • An emphasis on prayer
  • A commitment to empower young people and give them a chance in life

Our School Crest and Motto

Our Crest, which was adopted during the 1995 School Review and Development Process, represents Mary, the mother of Jesus and our mother too, as being the prime example of living a life that leads to Christ.

'In Giving, We Receive' was chosen as our motto as it is through Christian service that we receive the fullness of life as promised by Christ in the Gospels.

School Prayer

Heavenly Father,
As we play and work today
help us come together and pray.
For what we do, we offer you
as St Mary of the Cross taught us to.

Mary Mother of God,
The guiding light you showed your Son
will fill our hearts for years to come.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, show us the way.

St Mary of the Cross
Pray for us.