Student Rights and Responsibilities

All members of the school community have rights which must be respected and responsibilities which must be carried out.

All members of the school community are responsible for their behaviour and will have to deal with the consequences of their behaviour.The foundation of our rights and responsibilities is underpinned by the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools.

Our school follows the principles of the SPBL (School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning) Framework. The purpose of the commitment to SPBL is to teach appropriate and positive behaviour to create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety.

SPBL is a whole school program which focuses on the expectations of: 
  • Be Safe 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible

Students are rewarded for meeting the expectations through the Gotcha! and awards system. They receive Gotchas! in the classroom and on the playground for meeting the school expectations. They earn points for their colour house and individual awards for receiving 30 Gotcha! cards. 

When students do not meet the school expectations, 
teachers work with them to learn and develop the skills needed to demonstrate more positive behaviour. The students' behaviour is recorded and collected as data to inform the SPBL team of the needs of the school.