For Parents

School Hours:

School Day:   8:55 am -   3:10 pm
Lunch:           10:55 am - 11:40 am
Recess:          1:40 pm -   2:10 pm


Attendance is essential to progress. A pupil should not be absent without a good reason. It is not necessary to telephone the school if your child is sick, unless they are absent for more than three days. On the pupil's return to school, a signed note from a parent explaining the absence must be presented to the pupil's teacher. 

If a pupil is going to be absent for less than 10 days, no official form is required, just a signed note from parents/carer will be sufficient.

If a pupil is planning to be absent on holiday for between 10-100 days, parents are required to complete an "Application for Extended Leave - Travel" Form which must be submitted beforehand. 

If your child arrives late for school, you must bring them to the main office and wait for the administration staff to log the late arrival into the Compass school attendance module. Parents are not permitted to accompany children to the classroom once the school day has commenced. Children will be given a Late Arrival Card to present to the class teacher. Continual late arrivals will require
an interview with the Principal. Late arrivals not accompanied by a parent will
be marked as "Unjustified" and parents will be sent a letter asking them to 

If a child has to leave the school grounds during school hours, a note must be 

written and signed by you, the parent/caregiver, prior to the child's departure with a parent or other authorized adult. Otherwise, please complete a "Late Arrival/Early Departure Form" available from the school office before collecting your child. (For information on school procedures please consult the Parent Information Booklet.) Gates will be locked by 9:15 am:

The only entrance to the school after 9:15 am is the Cooney Street Administration Building via the School Office.

Update Contact Details:
If your contact details change, please change them in Compass or contact the School Office either by telephone or in writing at your earliest opportunity.

School Newsletters:
These are emailed to each family on Thursdays fortnightly on even numbered weeks of the term.

Clothing Shop:
is open on Friday mornings from 8:30 am - 9:30 am. We sell both new and second-hand items and are located underneath the Kindergarten Classrooms, across from the Girls bathroom. Please read the uniform guidelines here. You can access the order form here. Alternatively, you can order online via and uniform items will be delivered directly to your child at school. Please address all inquiries to the Uniform Shop Coordinator phone 0409 742 876. All profit made from the sales of uniforms are given to the school.

School Canteen:
is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for lunch orders. Only online orders are taken via For further information please liaise with the Canteen Coordinators through the school office. Canteen helpers are always needed!
For the Canteen Menu, click here.