Our Mission and Values

Together, at Holy Spirit Catholic School, we aspire to have the courage to live the Gospel message.

We are committed to developing an authentic Catholic school which shares in the evangelising mission of the Church.

We are committed to developing successful learners who are confident, creative individuals as well as active and informed citizens.

At Holy Spirit we are BUILDING:
  • an openness to the presence of God through the message of the Gospel.
  • an informed social and environmental responsibility through decision making and actions.
At Holy Spirit we provide OPPORTUNITIES to:
  • ensure there is a stimulating and challenging curriculum which links faith and culture.
At Holy Spirit we are encouraged to take an active role in LEARNING by:
  • taking responsibility for, and promoting our school as a place of learning and excellence.
At Holy Spirit TOGETHER we:
  • communicate and work collaboratively towards a shared vision in a dynamic and ever-changing world.