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Child Protection Summary

Child protection – summary of responsibilities and procedures from CEO child protection guidelines.

Teachers are mandated notifiers of child abuse for children they suspect are at risk of significant harm. Where a teacher has 'reasonable grounds', they should follow the procedures and responsibilities listed below.

The key responsibilities of teachers and school counsellors are:

  • To comply with the mandatory reporting requirement if there are reasonable grounds to suspect 'risk of significant harm' concerning a child or young person involving any students under 18 years;
  • To provide information required by the Principal to assist in the assessment of a student's safety and well-being;
  • To provide on-going care and support to students who experience abuse or neglect in accordance with the school's pastoral care policy and within the range of normal school duties;
  • To participate, at the direction of the Principal, in interagency protection planning and case review meetings, co-ordinated by the Community Services key worker, and provide information and advice where appropriate;
  • To ensure confidentiality in relation to every aspect of an incident or allegation of suspected 'risk of significant harm' to children or a young person;

All parent helpers in the school will be required to complete a 'Prohibited Declaration' online and submit it to the office prior to them working as a volunteer at the school or at an outside activity e.g. excursion. Parent helpers will also need to sign in, and sign out, at the school office for each visit. Parents must complete the Parent Helpers' Workshop in Term 1 each year in order to help in the classroom or be considered for school excursions.To ensure confidentiality in relation to every aspect of an incident or allegation of suspected 'risk of significant harm' to children or a young person.

All teachers and volunteers working in schools will need to sign a declaration and be screened to ensure that they are not prohibited from working with children as a result of any conviction of child sex related charges. Screening of employees will be conducted by the Catholic Education Office and Catholic Education Commission. Visitors to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School who have business in classrooms or on site will need to sign in at the office and wear a visitor's badge.

Child Protection: Prohibited Employment Declaration

It is essential that appropriate care and protection structures exist within our Catholic school system to enable us to provide the safest possible environment for our students. As workers and helpers within our school, you must be aware of your shared responsibility in this regard and demonstrate your commitment by meeting the legal obligations surrounding the care and protection of children and young people.

It is within this context that the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998, has been implemented in our school. This legislation endeavours to ensure that, as far as possible, people who may pose a risk to children are not employed or requested to complete tasks where they have direct, unsupervised contact with children.

Under this Act, employers are required to obtain a disclosure from all people who have unsupervised contact with children, regarding his or her status in relation to the definition of a prohibited person. For parents volunteering to help in our school please visit: