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Star Cards

This is a reward system that accumulates over time. Children can receive a star stamp in class for any aspect of their learning or growth that the teacher wishes to reinforce. When ten stamps are received, the card is complete and the child will receive a 'Principal's Sticker'. The award can be taken home. A new card will then be issued (and recorded).

When a child completes five cards (over terms/years), they will receive a 'Bronze Badge'. When a child completes 10 cards they'll receive a 'Silver Badge'. When a child completes 15 cards a 'Gold Badge' will be awarded. When the 20th card has been completed a child will be awarded with a 'Holy Spirit School Badge'. At 30 cards a Principals' Medal will be presented. This is an incentive system where the children are encouraged to strive to achieve success in their learning and receive recognition for doing so. It is not a competition or automatic entitlement. The teacher's judgment and knowledge of the children will be the only criteria for awarding of star stamps. At the back of each student's Star Card is an explanation of the "Values for Australian Schools". Values Education is taught intrinsically and extrinsically at Holy Spirit.

Victory Medals

Term 4 is traditionally Victory Medal Term for our children. Each class will award the medal to a child for the day and it can go home (it must however, be returned the following day or that point will not be awarded to the child). The child who wins the medal the most times over the term will keep it. Children must earn the medal by demonstrating outstanding behaviour, positive attitude, good work or learning progress. There is no expectation that every child receives the medal - it must be earned.

Book Club - Students

The school offers the Scholastic Book Club as a service to the students. The catalogues are usually distributed once a term, with a "due back by" date. The selection of books offered in the catalogues is designed to suit a range of reading abilities, and are usually offered at affordable prices to parents. Parent volunteers provide this excellent service.

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