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Newman Selective Program

Holy Spirit is currently undergoing the accreditation process that is involved in becoming a Newman Selective School.  A Newman team has been formed among the staff, the role of this Newman team is to drive development of the program within the school and give staff a deeper understanding of how to identify and respond to the needs of gifted and talented students and cater to their needs. 

Newman, rather than being a program is a philosophy, at Holy Spirit is a school wide initiative  which provides students with the opportunity to reach their potential and develop and nurture a love of learning.  We at Holy Spirit facilitate this in a variety of ways, including a variety of interest based groups run across the school, in-class differentiation and links with the community.

At Holy Spirit we conduct a variety of testing to identify students who may be gifted.  This information, together with regular in class assessment is tracked and monitored and used to develop authentic, invigorating learning programs that engage students across a variety of abilities.  A variety of nomination processes are also in place at Holy Spirit including; teacher, parent, peer and self nomination processes.

Teachers at Holy Spirit are experts in providing  all learners with a curriculum that is differentiated in pace, depth and complexity depending on their needs and are constantly undergoing professional learning to develop further in this area.  

The Newman principles not only benefits students identified as gifted, but all students.