In Australia we celebrate over 180 years of the Catholic school System. It was a set up to be an alternative to the state system of schools. Its basis for existence is the firm belief in Christ being central to all we do in educating our children. With this belief comes the responsibility of members of the community to actively participate in the life of both school and parish.

Before accepting enrolment for your child we ask you to reflect on the following expectations, which are based on the firm belief in the partnership between home, school and parish. If you are prepared to support them, please sign and return this form to the school with your enrolment fee by the due date.

As parents we will:

  • accept the responsibility for helping our child to respond, as a member of a faith community, to his/her Baptism by guiding him/her towards fuller participation in the Sacramental life of the Catholic community;
  • ensure that our child experiences worship and prayer within the parish community; 
  • support the ongoing education of our child by participating in school activities such as grade Masses, liturgies and school assemblies where possible;
  • support school policies in the areas of discipline, uniform and behaviour which are designed to reflect the Gospel values on which Catholic schools are founded;
  • become involved in the school community, where possible, by attending meetings, functions and projects, assisting the teacher in the classroom, etc;
  • pay school fees as determined by Sydney Catholic Schools (bearing in mind that no child shall be excluded from Catholic education at Holy Spirit Primary School for purely financial reasons).



For school fee information, please see the school handbook.