At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, we believe that:
  • the school with the parish need to foster a strong sense of Catholic community
  • openness and communication are vital for ownership and inclusion
  • community members have a rich and valuable contribution to make
  • the Catholic school is a truly Christian environment identifiable by its actions
  • celebration must be a vital aspect of our school culture
  • the school is an active participant in the evangelizing mission of the Church
  • life-giving relationships should be based on Christian values and understandings.

We aim to be a community that:

  • is truly and unapologetically Catholic
  • welcomes
  • is inclusive
  • is of the human person
  • takes risks and celebrates its successes
  • names and works towards its vision
  • respects and promotes rights and responsibilities
  • works together for the common goodcares for those in need
  • turns conflict into growth
  • is characterised by trust, love and openness
  • learns together
  • brings together talents, skills, ideas and efforts
  • lives the teachings of Christ
  • celebrates together
  • brings Christ to each other
  • prays together
  • values and promotes positive relationships
  • is united in purpose.