Vision and Mission


Our Vision is founded on our community story that is inspired by the events of Pentecost.  In light of this story; as partners in Catholic Education, we commit ourselves to developing an authentic Catholic School which:

  • Through the person of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit educates the children to develop the gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Wonder & Awe, Right Judgement, Courage and Reverence.
  • Engages with the students as young people who are constantly interacting with their world and each other in the process of living here and now.
  • Encourages our students to see learning as an experience that can arouse their emotions with intensity and purpose.

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School exists in partnerships with the Parish and home to empower children to make a difference in their world by:

Loving and Knowing God

  • Recognising that Jesus Christ is central to our lives.
  • Ensuring the Religious Education Program is engaging and has intellectual rigour.
  • Acknowledging that the Crucifix is a living symbol of the Resurrection.
  • Accepting that the Resurrection Story is clearly our mission as we move forward out into the world with confidence, conviction and hope.
  • Ensuring that the Gospel message is regularly proclaimed and expressed beyond the school community.
  • Proclaiming Jesus and His Good News by example, in word, prayer, celebration and action.

Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Faith

  • The School and Parish foster an obvious sense of Catholic Community through Liturgy, Celebration and reception of the Eucharist. 
  • Holy Spirit Catholic School is a truly Catholic environment identifiable by its actions, symbols, rituals and prayer life.
  • Community members of the Parish and Holy Spirit Catholic School have a rich and valuable contribution to make to the faith formation of the students.
  • Celebration is a vital aspect of the Holy Spirit School culture.
  • The school is an active participant in the everyday mission of the Church.
  • Holy Spirit Catholic School promotes life giving relationships based on Catholic values and understandings.

Learning Together for Life

  • Understanding and catering for the needs of our learners.
  • Optimum learning occurs when the learner understands the learning process and knows about themselves as a learner.
  • Learning has relevance to life in a contemporary multicultural society.
  • Learning helps the child to become fully human, free, responsible and fully informed.
  • Learning and the learner are constantly evolving.
  • Effective learning engages the whole person.
  • Responsibility for learning is owned and shared by the whole community.
  • Deep learning occurs in relationships based on trust, respect, encouragement and a shared commitment.
  • Deep learning is interactive and enabled by learning spaces that are conducive to a variety of learning styles.
  • Deep learning happens when it is fun, positive and celebrated.
  • Critical inquiry and moral reasoning are the end products of a well-rounded education.
  • The learner has opportunities to think imaginatively, interpretively, creatively and critically.
  • A love of learning is nurtured through a Catholic Pedagogy which incorporates culture, faith and life.