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Our Story

Learning for Life, Loving and Knowing God and Living our Catholic Faith. The logo and motto for our school expresses our Vision & Mission and was formed after months of discussion, discernment and reflection.

Our Vision is inspired by the events of Pentecost. Remember how the disciples had witnessed their leader and Lord crucified before their very own eyes? When Jesus rose from the dead to be amongst them, they were suddenly filled with hope and excitement. However, Jesus soon left them and ascended into heaven. At this point, the disciples were again plunged into despair and anxiety. They huddled together in a darkened room too afraid to interact with the world and feared for their lives if they dared venture outside the safety and security of that room.

Suddenly they heard the sound of wind coming from within the room and there appeared to be what looked like tongues of fire above each person's head. This was the coming of the Holy Spirit as promised by their Lord. They were instantaneously charged with energy, enthusiasm and with their hearts enflamed, they burst from the darkness and out into the world. They began to teach everything they had learned from Jesus with courage, confidence and conviction. They made such an impact on th
eir world that day and five thousand people were baptized. Thus, the Church began.

Our logo shows the boldness and confidence of that Pentecost experience. The cross follows the lines formed by the stars in the Southern Cross and proclaims the Spirit of this Great South Land. The cross isn't a static cross only depicting Christ's death but rather a moving symbol of the resurrection. It clearly has a mission and is moving forward, out into the world with courage, confidence and conviction. It is charged with the Holy Spirit and all the gifts that the Spirit brings. Our mission at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School in working with the children and the community is to make those gifts a reality. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we educate the children to develop the gifts of wisdom, wonder, awe, right judgement, knowledge, courage and reverence so that they are:

Learning for life, loving & knowing God and living our Catholic faith.

Behind the cross, there is the feel of the wind - a symbol of the Holy Spirit in our tradition – together with the flame which reminds us of the tongues of fire above the heads of the disciples on Pentecost. The wind is pushing and driving the cross with strength and purpose. The flame is in the shape of an Australian gum leaf and carries the motto "Enflame our Hearts".

The whole learning process is futile unless the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes learned serve some purpose and make some difference in our world. We don't see children as empty vessels who need "filling up" but as people constantly interacting with their world in the process of living here and now. Our motto "Enflame our Hearts" identifies the most important aspect of the educative process. We want our children, and indeed our community, to have heart, to be enflamed with passion and conviction, to be intense, to have their imaginations set alight and to be aroused by emotion, with intensity and with purpose. The word 'enflame' is used in liturgical and spiritual settings.

A closer look at the logo shows that the Trinity is clearly represented. The Father Creator is represented by the stars of the Southern Cross, the Son by the resurrection cross and the Spirit by the flame and wind inspired by this vision. We pray that our God is in everything we do and that we continue to be open to God's word in the Holy Spirit.

Logo designed by Foundation Principal – Tony Lo Cascio