There are seven Key Learning Areas of the primary school curriculum taught in accordance with directives from the NSW Board of Studies and the Catholic Education Office. The Board of Studies provides the syllabuses for 6 Key Learning Areas and the Religious Education Program 'To Know Worship and Love' is provided by the Catholic Education Office. The Board of Studies produces the syllabi which are used by all registered schools in NSW.

Religious Education lessons occur daily in addition to preparation for the Sacraments and participation in the annual Liturgical Calendar which involves the school community in special Feasts, Celebrations and Sacramental Programs.

Key Learning Areas

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education
  • Creative and Practical Arts.

Assessment and Evaluation

School-based assessment of students occurs regularly in each Key Learning Area. A portfolio of children’s work is sent home each term. Parents are encouraged to affirm children’s work and comment on their progress from Kindergarten to Year 6. These work samples provide assistance at Parent/Interview time.

Standardized Assessment Tests for Literacy and Numeracy are administered at regular intervals throughout the year.


The mid-year Report is sent home at the end of Term 2 and discussed at a Parent-Teacher Interview held shortly after.

An end-of-year Report is written and sent home in Term 4.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher and discuss the progress of their child/children at any time throughout the year, in addition to scheduled Reporting situations.

Parents of children who receive Special Education Assistance participate in regular interviews regarding their child.