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Exemption Forms

New Regulations For Attendance At School

New Attendance at School legislation has implications for schools and parents, particularly in the area of absence and exemption from school. Please note the following changes which are effective from the beginning of the 2015 school year:

Exemption from attendance can no longer be given for holidays or leisure activities during the school term. Previously exemption applications which were approved by the Principal granted exemption from school for the students, with no absences recorded on the class roll. Holidays and leisure activities will now be recorded as absence or leave from school in school records. The new requirements are:

Please contact the Principal if you have any questions or concerns.


Holidays which are 10 school days or less require a note sent to the class teacher prior to the absence. This will be counted as Leave on the class roll (L).
Holidays which are more than 10 school days and less than 100 must be applied for on new application forms (available from the link above and the school office) prior to the leave being taken. If approved by the Principal the leave will be recorded as L in the class roll and be counted in the total of the students absence from school. If not approved it will be recorded as an unexplained absence.

Non-SCS Events

Leave for non SCS sporting events, educational or creative pursuits or for work in the entertainment industry requires an application using the Exemption forms (available from the link above and the school office).