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Mother's Day 2019

posted 8 May 2019, 23:45 by Nadia Hughes   [ updated 8 May 2019, 23:48 ]

Open this page to access the link to our collection of photos from our Mother's Day celebration.

Sutherland Shire Council: School Drop-Off/Pick-Up Advice

posted 3 Feb 2015, 01:20 by Nadia Hughes   [ updated 26 Feb 2019, 20:55 ]

Click this link to view the Sutherland Shire Council's recommendations for dropping off and picking up your children from school.

School Car Park

posted 21 Aug 2014, 21:57 by   [ updated 21 Aug 2014, 22:22 ]

A further reminder that in order to keep our car park safer for children and to lessen congestion, please front into car spots of a morning and reverse in of an afternoon. Please also be courteous to others when parking.

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