Vision and Mission

Together in Wisdom we commit to:

  • learning with and from others.
  • acting responsibly.
  • sharing our gifts and talents.
  • growing in our knowledge of God.
  • being open to the work of the Spirit in our lives.

Together in Faith we commit to:

  • nurturing our relationship with God through prayer and worship.
  • proclaiming the kingdom of God through word and example.
  • being faithful to the teachings of Jesus today.
  • celebrating being Catholic in our world.

Together in Unity we commit to:

  • loving others as Jesus loves us.
  • living as an inclusive, Christ-centred community.
  • celebrating and recognising achievements of others.
  • contributing to the mission of the world wide Church.
  • respecting the dignity and worth of all.

Our Mission

We fulfil this vision by:

  • contributing as a community to the evangelising mission of the Church through prayer, liturgy, social justice initiatives and implementation of quality Religious Education that foster a sense of hope, wonder and awe in our God.
  • providing quality teaching that develops lifelong learners and values their rights.
  • delivering an effective, challenging and stimulating curriculum that caters for the diverse learning needs of students.
  • maintaining and further developing a culture of mutual respect through professional relationships, shared responsibility and distributive leadership.
  • providing current, well-maintained resources and facilities that support community and curriculum needs.
  • building upon positive community relationships through open communication, consultation and collaboration.
  • developing,implementing and evaluating whole school strategic management processes that promote a culture of continual improvement and growth.