About Us

Holy Family Catholic Primary School opened in the hall at St. Patrick's Sutherland in January 1986 with Sr Judith Baz as the founding Principal. The school then moved to its present site in 1987, and was housed in demountables until permanent buildings were established.

Holy Family is a Catholic systemic primary school within the Archdiocese of Sydney. It was originally envisaged to be a three-stream, K-6, co-educational primary school but as the area developed, so did the school. It is now a 4 stream school with 830 students. The motto, ‘Wisdom through Faith and Unity’, forms the basis of Holy Family's vision and mission statements. 

The school provides a challenging, stimulating curriculum embedded in gospel values and delivered by highly qualified, committed teachers. Student progress is closely monitored and those with particular learning needs are supported through various intervention programs. Well maintained resources and facilities, notably the provision of current technology, enhance the diverse learning experiences offered to students.

Extra-curricular activities include debating, public speaking, drama, choir, dance, enrichment programs and varied sporting opportunities. A focus on continual improvement is a strong feature of the school, evidenced through the high standard of achievement attained in all its endeavours. A culture of mutual respect underpins all dimensions of school life, building upon positive community relationships.

Parent involvement and home-school communication are highly valued. The school grounds are aesthetically 

Bell Times

School Hours: 8:50am - 3:05pm

Playground supervision begins at 8:20am and concludes at 3:30pm.

Our school has a before and after school care centre on-site. Contact Holy Family BASC Menai directly for information and bookings. 

pleasing and include adequate shading, as well as passive and active areas.

School Prayer

God our Father,

You have given us a model of life in the Holy Family.
Help us to make our school family a place of faith, hope and love.
Give us wisdom so that we may learn, faith to believe in you, and unity so that we may love one another.

We pray for our parents, teachers, priests and for each other.
Help us to see Jesus in all that we do.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.
St Mary of the Cross, pray for us.


School Song

​Throughout our school in every room as together we learn and play, Spirit of Friendship flow through me and live in me each day.

And we will grow together in Faith, we will stand in Unity, with the wisdom of the Spirit at Holy Family. (repeat) 
I believe in the power of one, a tomorrow of dreams come true. Spirit of Hope, flow through me God's light to guide me through.


Under our flag - a cross of stars we stand together as one. Spirit of Peace, flow through me through the land of the Southern Sun.

We will know which path to travel to build a world we know can be, with the courage of the Spirit at Holy Family. 
We will grow together in Faith, we will stand in Unity, with the wisdom of the Spirit at Holy Family. (repeat)