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Student Wellbeing


At Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Positive Education has been embedded into the life of the school. Positive Education is a whole school community initiative that promotes positive relationships, emotion, health, engagement, accomplishment and purpose. Positive Education is integrated into our whole school approach and is covered through the curriculum areas of Religious Education and Personal Development. Research clearly demonstrates that well-being and achievement are companions for a happy and accomplished life. All parents want their children to be happy and healthy. Parents and teachers want children to do well, to find joy and meaning in friendships and in their special interests.


Positive Education is directly linked to the evidence based-outcomes and benefits of Positive Psychology.  Positive Education aims to produce well-rounded and resilient individuals who possess a unique capability to thrive personally, academically and professionally and who are well-equipped to contribute to society in a satisfying and meaningful way. 


Positive Education is the framework that supports our Pastoral Care Programme and focuses on providing students and staff with the skills needed to manage and cope with everyday opportunities and challenges in our ever-changing world.


At Holy Cross, all students participate in our ongoing ‘character strengths’ based on the Pastoral Care Programme. Our strength based approach focuses on six educational domains and 24 universally accepted character strengths (see below).


                 Positive Education Educational Domains and Character Strengths

  • Positive Relationship – Kindness, Love and Social Intelligence

  • Positive Emotions – Appreciation of Beauty, Gratitude, Hope, Humour and Belief

  • Positive Health – Forgiveness, Modesty, Prudence and Self-control

  • Positive Engagement – Teamwork, Fairness and Leadership

  • Positive Accomplishment – Creativity, Curiosity, Open-mindedness, Love of Learning and Perspective and,

  • Positive Purpose – Honesty, Bravery, Persistence and Zest

Holy Cross is a nurturing, caring learning environment which is grounded in our faith and mission. It is one of our signature strengths. Gospel values of Love, Hope, Justice and Compassion inspire all members of our community to lead good lives, to develop our gifts to serve others, to make our community and our world a place of hope and peace.

At Holy Cross, we incorporate Positive Education as we would like our students to:

  • Flourish

  • Explore ideas related to their well-being

  • Know themselves well

  • Develop POSITIVE relationships with others

  • Feel their life has meaning and purpose

  • Develop and practise skills that will be relevant for their whole life

All children at Holy Cross character strengths are reflected in weekly assembly awards.

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