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CSDA Public Speaking 2018


                    UPCOMING EVENTS

Friday 2nd March - CSDA Public Speaking Round 1 at Mary MacKillop Wakeley
Friday 9th March - CSDA Public Speaking Zone Final
Friday 16th March - CSDA Public Speaking Grand Final
Friday 4th May -CSDA Debating Round 1
Friday 11th May -CSDA Debating Round 2
Friday 18th May -CSDA Debating Round 3
Friday 25th May -CSDA Debating Round 4
Friday 1st June -CSDA Debating Round 5
Friday 15th June -CSDA Debating Round 6
Friday 22nd June -CSDA Debating Eliminations
Friday 29th June -CSDA Debating Quarter Finals
Friday 27th July -CSDA Debating Semi Finals
Friday 3rd August -CSDA Debating Grand Final