About Us

Galilee Catholic Primary School is a systemic school for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6, in the Archdiocese of Sydney. The school and parish are committed to working in partnership with parents to nurture and challenge students as they grow in the Catholic faith and develop their potential.


At Galilee we are fortunate to have some wonderful facilities and resources available to students. In addition to our Technology resources we also boast a start-of-the-art library, amongst other things.

School Library

Galilee is extremely lucky to have a new library and learning centre. It is equipped with a Smartboard, wireless Internet access, thousands of beautiful books for borrowing - and is divided into specialised learning areas.

The students enjoy visiting the library once a week for a library lesson with the school’s teacher librarian. They also use the learning centre for whole class instruction with their classroom teacher.

School Bus

Galilee Catholic School is the only primary school in the Eastern Region that has a school bus. Families can utilise our door to door bus service for afternoon drop offs.

Our bus service is a unique and valuable feature of our school. It is used for such things as whole class excursions, sporting events and extra curricular activities.

We are very grateful to our wider community, particularly Raine and Horne, Bondi Beach, for their generous sponsorship which enables our bus service to continue.

Use the booking form provided below to organise a pick-up/drop-off.


At School

ICT is integrated across the key learning areas (KLAs) and includes - desktop publishing, email, research skills, computed assisted learning software, graphics and the use of components such as digital and video cameras.
The children have daily access to:

  • 30 Apple Mac Laptops that move between classes
  • 20 Chromebooks
  • 20 Apple iPads
  • 10 Hp Laptops
  • Wireless Internet access and PCs in each classroom
  • Interactive SmartBoards in every classroom
  • Flip video cameras
  • Digital cameras

All students at Galilee have their own individual Google account giving them access to Gmail, Google Docs and much more.

At Home

Through individual Google accounts, the students have access to their class work 24 hours a day. Class Sites have been introduced where students can share their work with each other and even their families.