Religious Education

Religious Education, as part of the Church's mission of evangelisation, spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Primary Religious Education curriculum aims to assist students to make sense of life in the light of our connection with God.

It is our role as Christian educators to help our students access the Word of God in the Scriptures, the Church's living Tradition, and in their own lives and experience. In so doing, we prepare our students to celebrate and respond to God's Word in their living.

Religious Education within a catholic school reaches beyond knowledge and skills and covers the following strands:

  • Curriculum
  • Liturgy
  • Sacraments
  • Prayer
  • Outreach

Students regularly participate in liturgical celebration and prayer services. Students attend mass and reconciliation each term as a class as well as whole school masses on feast days and holy days throughout the year. Our school year always begins with an Opening and Commissioning Mass for the whole school community and concludes with our Graduation and End of Year mass.

The school supports the parish sacramental program and students are invited through the parish to participate. It most circumstances candidates will receive the sacraments in the following order:

  • Reconciliation: Year 2 students
  • Holy Communion: Year 3 students
  • Confirmation: Years 6 students

Social Justice and outreach programs are an active part of school life. We have a strong outreach program that supports global, archdiocesan and local initiatives. These include Caritas through 'Project Compassion', Catholic Missions and the Charitable Works Fund (CWF).

The school has a special connection with the Good Samaritan Sisters who were our founding religious order. We regularly raise funds for the two sisters who are still active within the parish supporting members of the local community.

Our connection with the St Vincent DePaul Society is extremely strong supporting both their winter and Christmas appeals. Students are also members of Mini Vinnies which is a local program for young children who are keen to support those in need and students in Grade 6 are given the opportunity to participate in the Pope Francis Award program.