Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL)

What is Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL)?

Our school follows the principles of the SPBL (Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning) Framework. The purpose of SPBL is to teach appropriate and positive behaviour to create a climate of co-operation, academic excellence, respect and safety.

SPBL is a whole school program which focuses on the expectations of being learners who are safe, respectful and responsible. Each fortnight a new expected behaviour is the focus. This particular behaviour is taught and modelled to the students.

Students are rewarded for meeting the expectations with a green card. They can receive green cards inside and outside of the classroom for meeting the school expectations. When students do not meet the school expectations, teachers work with them to learn and develop the skills needed to demonstrate more positive behaviour.  

SPBL Rewards and Green Cards 

Individual students receive Green cards for demonstrating behaviours that are safe, respectful and responsible both in the classroom and on the playground in response to expected behaviours taught. 

Students tally their green cards in order to receive SPBL Award, SPBL Bronze Award, SPBL Silver Award, SPBL Gold Award and SPBL Principal’s Award. Students are acknowledged for their achievements at the following Friday assembly and are celebrated in the fortnightly newsletter.

10 Green cards = SPBL Award

20 Green cards = Bronze SPBL Award

30 Green cards = Silver SPBL Award

40 Green cards = Gold SPBL Award

50 Green cards = Principal’s SPBL Award

Principal’s Award

Students who receive an SPBL Principal’s Award are rewarded with a Principal's lunch at the end of the year.