Information Communication Technology is integrated across all key learning areas and is used to facilitate learning across the curriculum. eLearning combines the use of electronic resources with a contemporary approach to learning. The development of eLearning is a stated priority of the Sydney Catholic school system.

Technology is used to enhance learning outcomes across all stages of the curriculum using frameworks developed by SCS Sydney to support eLearning in all Sydney Catholic Schools.

CloudShare is the new virtual learning environment for Sydney Catholic Schools, powered by Google Apps for Education. CloudShare provides tools such as Student Mail, school calendar, Google Docs, and a range of Google Apps for teaching & learning. All students at Fr John Therry have their own CloudShare account giving them access to an extensive range of resources and applications.

Our school network consists of a range of devices in all areas of the school including pc notebooks and Chromebooks that are accessible to all classrooms through our wireless network. We also have an extensive range of iPads in all classrooms and Apple devices and computers. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards/screens and audio visual equipment.

A BYODD Program (Bring You Own Designated Device) is available in Grades 3 to 6 where students are able to bring their own Chromebook from home and utilise this in their learning each day. More information on our BYODD Program is available from our BYODD Parent Portal.