For Students

Students at Fr John Therry enjoy rich and diverse learning experiences with our focus being on creating learning environments that are unique and allow for different learning styles. We have been involved in a number of research projects that have enhanced student outcomes and implemented a range of new initiatives across the school. Our learning spaces allow for modern teaching and we are continually upgrading and developing our resources and facilities to best support contemporary learning.

Early Years

The school has been part of the Early Years Project which focuses on educating children in the early years of primary school (Kinder to Year 2) by providing engaging and inspiring learning experiences which acknowledge each child, their families and the life experiences they bring.

The early years are an opportune time where primary educators take an active role in the young learner's construction and acquisition of learning and understanding. This is a time when school communities are able to carefully nurture and guide the child's intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual potential.

Vision for Learning

Staff, students and parents engaged in the IDEAS process through our partnership with the University of Southern Queensland. This process allowed the school to look at our past so as to look towards our future. The main focus of the project was to develop a common pedagogy and create a school wide vision for learning that is owned by all stakeholders.   

Our vision for learning is to 'Empower Every Student' through providing a teaching and learning framework that is relational, diverse, contemporary and adaptive.

Click here for more information on our Vision for Learning.

Stage Learning

The NSW Curriculum is developed in stages rather than yearly grade levels. With exception to Early Stage One (Kindergarten), each stage consists of 2 years of curriculum outcomes that students work towards over a two year cycle.

At Fr John Therry all students work collaboratively as a stage. The aim of this approach is to provide a consistent teaching program with a collaborative teaching model to benefit all students. Students in stages 1, 2 and 3 work in flexible groupings for literacy and numeracy as well as in other Key Learning Areas.

This model allows greater scope to meet student's identified needs and learning styles, and to cater for this appropriately within their learning environment. The approach is consistent with modern pedagogy, teaching practice and builds greater independence and preparation for high school in the senior grades.

Student Leadership

As important members of the school community, students are valued for the contributions they can make to the school. Student voice is an important aspect of school life and students are encouraged to be part of a number of programs that enable them to show leadership.

Student leadership is encouraged and supported through the following:

  • Faith, Justice and Trust Captains
  • School Sports Captains
  • Pope Francis Awards
  • Library Monitors
  • Buddy Program

Kathleen Neil Resource Centre

The Kathleen Neil Resource Centre is located on the Jane Street Campus and houses our Library and Studio. This area has been recently developed to provide a 21st Century learning space that combines a modern Library and studio area that students can use as a performance space, television and recording studio. This area is equipped with lighting, stage area, green screens, audio visual, video editing and recording facilities. The Resource Centre is also used for staff professional development, parent workshops and meetings.