FJT Canteen

r John Therry Catholic Primary School proudly offers a parent run Canteen operating every Thursday for recess and lunch.  Our aim is to offer fresh, healthy, responsible (preservative & colour free), locally sourced meals and snacks that help educate the children in good food choices and give parents and carers the day off food preparation.  

Our menu complies with the NSW Healthy School Canteens Policy with over 75% of our menu containing healthy food and drink options, so that making the healthy choice is the easy choice. The NSW Schools Canteen Strategy is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and outlines food and drinks permitted for sale in NSW school canteens. It also supports the Nutrition in Schools Policy, which identifies that any school program involving food and drink should promote healthy eating and good nutrition for students. 

Our Menu
A copy of the full menu is available here.

How do I order?
There are two easy options for ordering food from the FJT Canteen

Option 1: Pre-order online through Flexischools 
To order online you will need to visit Flexischools. You will need to set up an account and can even download the Flexischools app. 

Please visit  Flexischools and it will take you thru the setup process.  

Your order must be placed before 8.30am on the day of service and will be delivered to the students at recess and lunch.

The Flexischools app is also the place to find nutritional and allergen information on all menu items. We provide as much information as we can so that you can make good choices for your kids.  

Option 2: Over the counter service (Drinks & snacks only)
Students can purchase drinks and snacks for both lunch and recess. You can confidently give them a few dollars to spend knowing that all the options available to them are the healthiest version available.  

Please note all other lunch items such as sushi and toasties must be pre-ordered via Flexischools and cannot be purchased over the counter.  

We strongly encourage you to utilise the counter service for recess drinks and snacks as there are educational benefits for the kids and it minimises volunteer time spent packing online orders, allowing us to use the time to producing fresh food instead.