Diverse Learning & Wellbeing

Diverse Learning

Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School is committed to assisting and supporting students with diverse learning needs through the provision of specialised teaching and support staff, adaptive teaching and learning resources and individualised adjustments to learning programs to best cater for individual student needs.

As a Systemic school we are supported by the Archdiocesan and Regional offices and have access to leaders of learning who can assist the school with enrolment and support for students.

Our school is inclusive of all students within a mainstream setting and we have a range of programs that support student learning and provide access to the learning continuum.

Specialist programs include:

  • Special Needs Program
  • Reading Recovery Program
  • Targeted Intervention
  • Multilit Tutors
  • Newman Selective Gifted Education Program
  • New Arrivals Support
  • Hearing and Vision Support
  • Special Education Learning Support Officers
  • Links to Allied Health Professionals

Please contact the Principal should you require more information or would like support with enrolment. School visits can also be arranged if you would like to view our facilities.

Student Wellbeing

At Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School we endeavour to promote a healthy supportive and secure environment for all children. We believe that Pastoral Care should foster growth of the individual to reach their full potential. It should reflect the Catholic ethos of individuals caring for and respecting each other. Student wellbeing is a shared responsibility between home, school and the community. The school has implemented programs to encourage positive social behaviours and problem solving skills.

These programs include:

  • School Counselling Program 
  • Buddy program for students in Kindergarten and Grade 6
  • Anti-Bullying initiatives & Cyber Saftey
  • Student awards
  • Positive reward systems
  • Leadership program
  • Seasons for Growth
  • Kids Matter
  • Circle Solutions
  • Drumbeat
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning initiatives (SPBL)