For Parents

Parental involvement and participation is vitally important and necessary to the life of the school. We see it as building a partnership between parents, children and teachers, while supporting the faith and values we share as common beliefs.

Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School and the community work together to ensure the children receive the best possible education in a strong family atmosphere. Parents are regularly invited into classrooms and to assist with sporting events, excursions and whole school activities. Parents are also invited to worship with staff and students in a range of liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

A whole school assembly is held every Friday morning at 8:50am on the Jane Street Campus where the whole school comes together to pray, receive awards, raise the Australian flag and sing the National Anthem. We also have an end of year assembly for both infants and primary students at Balmain Town Hall where a number of special awards and presentations are made.

Parent teacher interviews and information sessions allow parents to find out what is being taught in their child’s class and are regularly updated on their progress throughout the year.

Parent workshops are provided to keep parents informed about the learning program, innovations in curriculum and how to support your child at home.

A number of parent representative groups have been established that allow the Principal to consult the community, support the school through fundraising and organising of social events that foster and build community.

Principal's Advisory Council

The Fr John Therry Principal's Advisory Council is a forum that consults, listens and seeks feedback and wisdom from the local school and parish communities so that these communities work together to achieve common goals. It provides feedback, support and advice to the school Principal in relation to broader areas of challenge for the school community.

The Council will advise the Principal on the following and other relevant areas of school governance:

  • Finance
  • Enrolment
  • Promotion
  • Facilities
  • Annual Plan

Members are selected by the Principal with 4 to 5 meetings scheduled for the year. Membership for 2 years comprises of 4 parents and the Principal.

Parents & Friends Association/Groups

The Parents and Friends Association is a parent body that recognises and values the role that parents play in the education of their children, and aims to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community for the benefit of all our children's overall development and learning.

The Association endeavours to do this by reaching out to all associated with the school to build a friendly and welcoming community which seeks to involve all its members, provide a parental perspective to assist the Principal in decision making and raise funds to provide resources and opportunities for the school. The Association is governed by a constitution that has been ratified by its members and supported by the Principal.

The Association meets once a term and is represented by elected members who are responsible for its management. The executive comprises of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All parents and carers of pupils attending the school and staff of the school who are interested in furthering the aim of the Association are members.

In the event of the school not having a functioning executive the Principal calls a meeting to establish parent groups who operate under the terms of the Constitution. These groups would continue with fundraising and social activities and seek guidance from the Principal throughout the year. Parents would still meet once a term and review their efforts, fundraising, provide a financial report and assist in identifying areas for funding to be directed. The Principal would chair this meeting.  

Balmain Art & Craft Show Committee/Group

The Balmain Art & Craft Show Committee is a sub-committee of the Parents & Friends Association who organise and run our main fundraiser each year the 'Balmain Art & Craft Show' or 'BACS' for short.

The committee meets regularly throughout the year comprising of many teams that have specific responsibilities for each aspect of the event. The Balmain Art & Craft Show is held on the first weekend in November and makes a significant contribution to the funds raised by the Association for the school to provide teaching and learning resources for students.

Due to building works at the school the Balmain Art and Craft Show was placed on hold for 2019 and a Christmas Wonderland Fete was held in place of the show with great success.  The committee will be meeting early 2020 to plan for this year's events. 

Class Parents

At the start of each year parents are able to nominate for the role of class parent. If selected they are responsible for coordinating parents to assist the Principal, Class or Grade teachers and the Parents & Friends Association on a range of activities and events. The Class Parent organises social activities that allow parents and students to get to know each other both in and out of the school context.