St Augustine's Balmain

The building was originally built as a National School in 1862 and designed by Henry Robertson. A school for the local Catholic children had begun in the church in 1861 and was run by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1864. Increasing numbers led to a new building opposite at Gladstone Park. The school site was purchased by Father Michael Rohan from the Department of School Education in 1916 when the Boys' Department of the Public School moved to the Gladstone Park Site. Archbishop Kelly blessed and opened the school in 1918.

In 1951 the parish priest Fr Boland, called a meeting to initiate second story extensions to provide home science and business classrooms for the girls. The extensions were opened in 1952 by Cardinal Gilroy and the school was named Father Michael Rohan Memorial School.

Further pressure of increasing enrolments necessitated the building of a senior girls school in Jane Street known as Dillon House. The Eaton street site reverted back to the name of St Augustine's School.

As early as 1862, Father John Therry sought to purchase the school site but his efforts were in vain. However, its eventual purchase in 1916 is a credit to his foresight and that of his successors. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan ran the School until December 1975 when the first lay Principal was appointed.

St Augustine's Balmain was officially closed in 1994

St. Joseph's Rozelle

Rozelle was once known as Balmain West and Catholic children had to come to the site of St Augustine's for a Catholic Education. However in 1875 two Good Samaritan Sisters travelled the rather arduous journey to teach children in Balmain West. In 1876 the first official school building was opened. The Parish of Rozelle was created in 1881. In 1883 some 300 pupils attended the school.

The boys school was established by the Christian Brothers in 1892. At their peak, both the Boys and Girls school would have had a combined total of over 900 pupils aged from 4 to 15 years.

In December 1964 the Catholic Education Office announced that the Christian Brothers School would close and the boys transfer to the Balmain School for Boys. The Girls High school continued until 1975. The primary school remained until declining enrolments saw its closure in 1994. The Good Samaritan Sisters had continued there until 1981.

The Amalgamation

Due to declining enrolments it was decided by the Catholic Education Office to amalgamate the parish schools of Balmain and Rozelle and establish a new school named in honour of the founder of Catholic Education in Australia and the Parish Priest associated with both, Balmain and Rozelle, Father John Therry.

The Balmain site was selected as the best location for a new school and extensive renovations were undertaken to upgrade the facilities. The new school opened in 1995 with just 92 enrollments. The new facilities were officially opened and blessed by His Grace, Bishop David Cremin on 23 May 1996.

Over time the school and its reputation began to quickly grow and with the refurbishment and re-opening of Dillon house in 2006 saw the school again operate over two campuses and move from one to two streams. In 2011 the federal government as part of its stimulus package provided funding to further develop facilities with the introduction new classrooms and multi-purpose rooms.

Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School is now fully operational on two campuses side by side, housing Administration, Kindergarten and Grades Five & Six on the Eaton Street Campus and Grades One to Four and a new Resource Centre on the Jane Street Campus.

In 2019 the school is undertaking a major building project to renovate and upgrade the Eaton Street building which will involve a full upgrade of learning spaces, services and administration. The completed project will provide state of the art facilities that are both modern and contemporary. This project is due for completion in April 2020. 

In 2019 Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School celebrated 25 Years as a united community. 
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