Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School includes the wider community in its day-to-day activities. The link between the school and parishes of St Augustine's Balmain and St Joseph's Rozelle is extremely strong. Our families are keen to give back to the community and work in partnership with the school to support a variety of charities.

We regularly invite families to come together to celebrate Sunday mass within the parish and do so both at Rozelle and Balmain. We do this to provide for families who do not attend mass regularly or are not part of this parish and give them an opportunity to connect with the wider parish community that the school is part of.

Services include students from the school being actively involved in the liturgy followed by hospitality in the hall or courtyard.

St Augustine's Balmain

Office: 3 Jane Street, Balmain 2041
Administrator: Father Salas Muttathukattil
Assistant Priest: Father John Thien
Telephone: 9810 1157
Fax: 9555 9840
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-3.30pm

Mass times and reconciliation

  • Saturday masses: 9:00am, Vigil 5:00pm (Anointing Mass, fist Saturday of the month at 9am)
  • Sunday masses: 8.00am, 10.00am, 6.00pm, (and Saturday Vigil see above)
  • Weekday masses: Mon-Fri 7.30am (Except public holidays when Mass is at 9.00am)
  • Reconciliation: Saturday 9.30am, 4.30pm.

St Joseph's Rozelle

Office: 15 Quirk Street, Rozelle 2039
Bishop in Residence: Bishop Terry Brady
Administrator: Father Salas Muttathukattil
Assistant Priest: Father John Thien
Resident Chaplain: Father Rahal Dergham
Telephone: 9818 5856
Fax: 9555 2411
Office Hours: Thursday-Friday 9am-3pm

Mass times and reconciliation

  • Sunday Mass: 10.00am
  • Weekday Masses: Monday - Friday 7.00am
  • Saturday Mass: 9.00am.
  • Reconciliation: Sunday 9.30am.