Vikings questions

Answer the following questions in your Workbooks. You can find your answers on the Home page which gives a brief overview, and in the timeline as well.
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1. What countries were the Vikings originally from? 
2. What is the region known as? 
3. What are the reasons given for the Vikings becomings raiders? 
4. In your workbook, draw a map of the areas where the Vikings came from. Mark on the map the following countries:  
Atlantic Ocean 
5. What occupations did the Vikings initially have? 
6. What was the first place attacked by Vikings in England? 
7. Why do you think that monasteries were a attractive target for the Vikings? 
8. When did the Vikings first attempt to attack Constantinople? 
9. Explain why the Vikings had such success at both sea travel, and at travelling on rivers? 
10. Where was Vinland and who originally discovered it? 
11. What was found at Oseberg? 
12. What are karls, jarls and thralls? 
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