Viking Timeline

467Roman Empire
Early Middle Ages also known as the Dark Ages
789Vikings begin their attacks on England
793Attack on the Christian Monastery of Lindisfarne in England
800The Oseberg, a Viking longship, is buried around this time
800Swedish Vikings move into Russia
840Viking settlers found the city of Dublin in Ireland
860Vikings mount unsuccessful first raid on Constantinople
862The Viking Ulrich and his clan found Novgorod in Russia
866Danish Vikings establish a kingdom in York, England after a violent attack on the city
886Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, signs a treaty giving the northern part of England to the Danish. This is known as the Danelaw
896Vikings attack Paris
911The Vikings are bought off by the Francs (The French) and granted the northern lands of France which they call Normandy, ruled by their chief, Rollo.
911Vikings make a treaty with the Holy Roman Emperor in Constantinople
981Eric the Red settles Greenland
991Athelred II pays a ransom to stop Viking attacks on England
992Leif Ericsson discovers what he calls “Vinland” and we know as North America
1000Leif Ericsson becomes a christian
1002Brian Boru defeats the Vikings to become King of Ireland
1010Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni tries to start a colony called Vinland in North America
1013The Vikings seize England
1066Harold Godwinson, king of England, defeats Harald Hardrada, king of Norway, at the Battle of Stamford Bridge
Later Middle Ages
1400The Renaissance

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