Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Thank you for considering De La Salle College, Revesby Heights for your son’s Secondary education.  We offer our students quality education in a caring and supportive Catholic environment.  

In this Enrolment Portfolio we have included material that you may find useful in answering some of the questions you may have about the College.  Please feel free to make an appointment to see me if there is any additional information you require.

To enrol your son, please return the following items:
  1. The Application to Enrol at Sydney Catholic Schools. (please complete this form in black biro and ensure all sections are fully completed).
  2. Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement 2017.  
  3. Publication/Media Consent form.
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Baptismal Certificate
  6. Evidence of residency status e.g. Citizenship documentation, Visa Grant Notice, passport (where applicable).
  7. Evidence of time out of the country e.g. passport, plane tickets, overseas school reports (where applicable).
  8. Most recent previous school reports and external test results (where applicable).
  9. Relevant medical information including clinical/educational assessments (where applicable).
  10. All current assessments, records of clinical interventions related to exceptional abilities, disability, complex social and emotional needs or other additional needs as named in the section on Diverse Learning Needs.
  11. A copy of your son’s NAPLAN results.
  12. Any relevant court orders particularly Family Court Orders or Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) applicable to this student.

Please ensure the policies have been read and all forms have been ticked and signed in the appropriate places.  We will be unable to accept enrolments if all the above mentioned documents are not supplied.  

It would be appreciated if you could lodge your enrolment application for Year 5 or Year 6 prior to the end of Term 1, however, the official enrolment period ends on 5 May 2017.  Please call the office before lodging your application, to make an interview time with either the Principal or Assistant Principal.  You also need to bring your son along to this interview.  Offers of enrolment will be posted at the end of Term 2.  (Please note that it is time consuming and costly for the College to photocopy items, therefore, it would be appreciated if all requirements could be copied prior to submitting your application).  There is also a non-refundable enrolment fee of $200.00.  The enrolment fee will only be refunded if we cannot offer your son a position at this College.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Tim Logue

(All the relevant documents concerning enrolment from Sydney Catholic Schools))

College Enrolment Forms