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Christian Mission Program

Faith in Action

The Christian Mission program involves providing opportunities for students to engage in volunteer activities in a wide variety of aspects in the local community in a safe environment. These engagement opportunities also include participation in youth groups at local parishes as well other evangelisation activities such as Catholic music concerts. This program is designed to foster the spiritual development of the young men at De La Salle and instil “lasting values that make life worth living” (Pope Francis, 2013).

Each year the Christian Mission program will begin with a launch that invites students from Years 10, 11 & 12 to spend the night or the day in the College hall with the bare essentials. During the evening students will hear talks from teachers at De La Salle who volunteer their time to local charities, services and events. Students will also hear experiences from other youths who volunteer their time at St Vincent De Paul society and other Catholic organisations. Spending the night in the school hall under the supervision of the teachers with only a cup of noodles for dinner and a sleeping bag for bedding students will experience what the poor and marginalised people in society experience on a daily basis. This night will develop the within each student a sense of empathy and compassion for the marginalised in society.

Students will use a log book to record the different volunteer activities that they undertake throughout the year. The details of the various activities that can be undertaken as part of this program are provided by the school. For example; mowing the lawns at local parishes, Surf Life Saving, visiting nursing homes and assisting at charity events. Students may undertake activities not listed with the permission and supervision of their parents.

 Evangelisation activities are also included as part of the Christian mission program. These activities include the once-a-term youth group evenings at St Therese Padstow, and other youth group activities in local parishes. At the end of the school year students will hand in their log book with a record of how many hours of community engagement that they have undertaken throughout the year. Students will be recognised with certificates for their efforts during a College Assembly.