St Mary's Stage 3 has been given a challenge - To make a difference.

The Catholic Education Office CASPA team are running a competition for students to make a film around the theme of  "Jump Up and Down for Kids - Children in Detention".
The short 2 minute film will communicate your opinion to a very wide audience!

Our inquiry questions

Why do we need to be advocates for children in detention and refugees?
How can we make a difference for children in detention and refugees?
How do people defend others’ human rights?

  • Over 200 Children are still in detention centres around Australia.
  • They are held there while their refugee status is determined.
  • Australia has to implement its international human rights obligations.
  • Children arrive in immigration detention with a burden of stress, trauma, disadvantage and marginalisation reflecting the circumstances that caused their families to flee their countries of origin in the first place.
  • Mandatory detention in Australia refers to a feature of Australian immigration policy. All persons entering the country without a valid visa are held in detention, while security and health checks are undertaken and the case for them remaining in Australia is established. They may decide to depart Australia for their country of origin at any time.


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