For Students

Our school aims to facilitate each child's learning and development in the context of a warm and friendly environment. The children are provided with a supportive climate in which to grow as individuals and as members of the school community. 

The school is committed to providing quality teaching and learning opportunities across the Key Learning Areas. Our school offers a range of activities for students to participate in, such as; Sport, Gala Days, Art Competitions, Christ the King Talent Quest, School Musical, Guitar Club, Gardening Club, Coding, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives. 

Students also have the opportunity to learn about Christ the King and Mary MacKillop to gain a full understanding of the schools' charism and to live our their values in their school life. The school celebrates the Feasts of Christ the King and Mary MacKillop each year. 

Student Leadership

As important members of the school community, students are valued for the contributions they can make to the school. Leadership potential is encouraged and supported. Student leadership is highly valued as it ensures that the students of Christ the King are provided with opportunities to develop their individual capacity to lead and influence others in a responsible way. They do this by being actively involved in the everyday operations of the school and by contributing, where appropriate, to the decision-making process of the school.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises of the school captains (boy and girl), and four SRC members. Examples of the responsibilities of the SRC are: leading Liturgies and assembly, contributing to school committees, delivering special occasion addresses and giving votes of thanks, organising the Annual Christ the King Talent Quest, coordinating playground activities and demonstrating pride in their school through good behaviour and a positive school spirit.

Student Well Being

Christ the King Catholic Primary School endeavours to promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment for all children. Student well being is a shared responsibility between home, school, the local parish and the community. The school has implemented programs to encourage positive social behaviours and problem-solving skills. These programs include: buddies, School Wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL), Peaceful Kids, Seasons for Growth, KidsMatter and student awards.


The care that our students demonstrate towards each other enhances the learning environment at Christ the King. Children in Kindergarten have an older Year 6 buddy to care for and support them. The Kindergarten and Year 6 buddy program involves a dedicated weekly time spent together fostering a supportive relationship. 


Students are awarded certificates and prizes at the weekly school assembly. 

  • Merit awards are given for academic and classroom participation
  • School Wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL) awards are given to students for demonstrating respect, responsibility and safety, on the playground and in the classroom. 
The school also has a school wide 'STAR Card' reward system where by students earn gems and stars for both academic achievements and positive behaviour in line with our SPBL values. Prizes are won for completing 'STAR Cards' and are presented at assembly. 'STAR Cards' are ongoing reward system that accompany the students throughout their journey at Christ the King.