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CloudShare Migration

What does "Migration to CloudShare" mean for your school?

When a school migrates across to CloudShare, the main impact is on email. In terms of using email at your school, this means:

  1. All Staff at your school now have email addresses of the form UserID@syd.catholic.edu.au and their old Editure Mymail email addresses no longer function. Note that email addresses with the domain suffix @ceosyd.catholic.edu.au will also work.

  2. All Students at these schools now have email addresses of the form UserID@schooldomain.catholic.edu.au, for example:adam.anderson@dlsrevesby.catholic.edu.au
    Note that email addresses with the domain suffix @sydstu.catholic.edu.au will also work, for example adam.anderson@sydstu.catholic.edu.au

  3. Generic email addresses such as info@dlsrevesby.catholic.edu.au and principal@dlsrevesby.catholic.edu.au remain in place.

How does your school migrate to CloudShare? 

(For schools who will continue using Editure Mymail for some part of 2013)

Step 1: Nominate a migration date.

As can be seen in the list below (see Step 3), as of May 2013 most schools have migrated to CloudShare.

During Term 2, 2013, the CEO ICT Team will contact each school yet to migrate to CloudShare to arrange a suitable migration date. Please see below (Step 3) for a list of schools who are yet to migrate across to CloudShare (click the "Yet to migrate" link).

Step 2. Work through the Technical Checklist with your ISO.

Make sure you engage with your In-School Technical Support Officer (ISO) to work through the following ICT Checklist prior to CloudShare Migration.

Step 3: Migration to CloudShare

On the Wednesday of the week your school migrates, the ICT Team will contact your Principal via email (using the principal@school.catholic.edu.au address) to provide the various CloudShare generic account details required for migration. Refer to the Google Apps Migration Technical Checklist document above. 

An email will also be sent to your ISO and the liaison person nominated in the Migration Form above. This email will contain the staff and student Google Group lists that need to be checked for accuracy by your School. Any anomalies should be escalated immediately to the ICT Service Desk. An example of these Google Group lists is provided here.

On the afternoon of your scheduled migration date, usually at 4pm, the various technical changes required for migration will be processed by the ICT team. It normally takes up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect. When school resumes on the following Monday morning all email will now be hosted by CloudShare (Google Apps) and your School's Mymail accounts will no longer function. All staff and students will access email via their CloudShare account.

Schools who have discontinued using Editure Mymail and have migrated to CloudShare.

The schools listed below elected to discontinue using Mymail and have successfully migrated across to the new CloudShare virtual learning environment. The CEO Sydney ICT team facilitated the migration process in November & December 2012 according to the Schedule listed below.

Schools migrated to CloudShare

Frequently Asked Questions

When we migrate, what happens to Myclasses and Mydesktop?
If your school has elected to continue using Myclasses and Mydesktop for 2013, then these services are unaffected. Your school has the option of continuing to use the MyClasses suite (MyDesktop, Myclasses, MyBlog, MyWiki) system until the end of 2013. Note that the normal MyDesktop renewal costs will apply.

How long does the migration process take?
It can take up to 48 hours, but normally less that this. This is one of the reasons why ICT usually migrates schools on a Friday.

Who do we contact if there is an issue with Migration?
Please ask your ISO to contact the ICT Service Desk: 02 9568 8279, ict.helpdesk@syd.catholic.edu.au or http://itsm.ceosyd.catholic.edu.au/

Can we use CloudShare without migrating as a whole school?
Yes, CloudShare is available to both staff and students using the new CEnet username and password. In fact, we encourage staff and students to explore the new CloudShare environment before migration. Staff access CloudShare at http://mail.syd.catholic.edu.au/ and Students may login at http://mail.sydstu.catholic.edu.au/ 

For more information, visit the CloudShare Launch Site.

If you decide to use CloudShare without migrating your whole school, you may want to forward staff email from their existing Mymail address (teacher_ID@school_domain_name) to their new CloudShare email address (CEnet_User_ID@syd.catholic.edu.au) so that teachers can pick up their mail from a single (Gmail) mailbox.

Note that, prior to migration, students may only use their @sydstu.catholic.edu.au address to send & receive email in CloudShare. This is because their existing @school_domain_name address is still being hosted by the old Mymail (Editure) system.

Is there a deadline for all schools to Migrate over to CloudShare?
Yes, the deadline is the end of 2013. At the end of 2013 the MyClasses suite (MyDesktop, Myclasses, Mymail, etc) will no longer be available to CEO Sydney Schools.