Welcome to the CloudShare Bootcamp for Google Guides.

CloudShare is the new virtual learning environment for Sydney Catholic Schools, powered by Google Apps for Education.

Together, we'll use this site as a launching pad for learning about CloudShare, developing resources, sharing ideas, and (hopefully) having lot's of fun along the way!

Below is the Agenda for our two days together. Use the menus at the top of this page to navigate through the site.

We encourage you to use the Google Guides discussion forum to share your ideas, discuss issues and solutions with your colleagues, and post links to resources you discover.
CloudShare in the Classroom @ St. Christopher's Primary, Holsworthy.

Day 1

posted 21 May 2012, 06:50 by Greg Basford   [ updated 11 Jun 2013, 16:19 ]

Day 1ItemTime
8.30amWelcome, Prayer, iLearn model and CloudShare.
30 mins
9.00amOverview of CEO Sydney CloudShare deployment
  • Move fast and break things … agility not mastery … let go → pedagogy → model for our own PD
  • Key concepts: Cloud, 4 things, Integration, Structure
  • PD program: Structured track vs Viral track
  • FAQs
30 mins
9.30amGoogle mail & contacts. Refer to the running sheet, Robie’s email setup tips and the Ten to Try presentation.
1 hour
10.30amMorning Tea30 mins
11.00amSharing & collaboration: Personal & Google Groups
  • Set up contact groups for staff and students
  • Difference between personal contact groups and google groups.
  • Google Groups naming scheme, when to use, dos & don’ts
  • Sharing with staff and students
45 mins
11.45pmGoogle Drive & Docs - Part 1
  • Pre-test using a Google Form
  • Frank the dog video - What is the "The Cloud"?
  • Collaborative editing & sharing demo - revision history & research
  • Create and share a Google Doc - Start PD Plan Doc
  • Working with Folders, upload/download/conversion
  • Uploading videos via Google Docs/Drive
  • Ten to try
75 mins
1.00pmLunch45 mins
1.45pmGoogle Drive & Docs - Part 2
  • Continue Ten to Try
  • Collaborative Editing with 20 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs and CloudShare in the Classroom.
  • Tom Barrett’s “Interesting ways to …” model
  • Set up a Preso that can be edited by the group → add ideas.
  • Work in pairs or 3s on a task relevant to school.
45 mins
2.30pmWorking with Calendars:
  • Ten to Try
  • Sharing calendars
  • Embedding a calendar
  • Using +Google Calendar button to get a shared calendar
Introduction to Google +
  • Setting up your Profile
  • Demo of a Google Hangout
40 mins
3.10pmCloudShare and mobile devices
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad)
  • Limitations and gotchas
20 mins
3.30pmEvaluation, Wrap up & close

Day 2

posted 21 May 2012, 06:43 by Greg Basford   [ updated 19 Mar 2013, 17:22 by Philip Hogg ]

Day 2ItemTime
8.30amWelcome & Prayer
10 mins
8.40amIntroduction to Google Sites
  • Myclasses and Google Sites.
  • Planning and Design considerations. Examples: Primary School Sports and Web 2 Course.
  • Explore good examples of sites (class, school, KLA, special purpose).
  • Sites basics:
    • Create a site
    • Choosing Templates, considerations.
    • Editing a page
    • Adding pages and Navigation elements
    • Copying data from Myclasses to Google Sites
    • Sharing a site with Staff and Students
50 mins
9.30amBuilding Google Sites
  • Features demo (15mins):
    • Inserting: links, images & videos (Creative Commons considerations)
    • Embedding: Calendar, Documents, Gadgets
    • Page types: announcements, file cabinet.
    • Uploading files vs linking to Google Drive
    • Site headers and Page banners.
  • Work through Google Sites “Ten to try”
  • For advanced users: Google Sites Workshop as an instructional basis.

(Optional, if time permits) Working with images and videos:
  • Picasa and Picasa web albums
  • Creating a slide show
  • Sharing images & videos
60 mins
10.30amMorning Tea30 mins
11.00amDriving adoption in your school - Part 1

  • Develop 2 or 3 initiatives + Eval criteria.
  • Insert and share PD plan on School PD Plan page on Bootcamp Site.
  • Group builds their PD plan (doc or slideshow)
90 mins
12.30pmEach school presents their PD plan to the group. Q& A + discussion.
30 mins
1.00pmLunch45 mins
1.45pmDriving adoption in your school - part 2
  • Work in pairs to develop a Teachmeet-style presentation or demo (2 min or 7 min) on using CloudShare in the classroom.
75 mins
3.00pmGoogle Guides present demos to the group.
30 mins
3.30pmWrap up & close

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